Zen & the Art of Scooping Coleslaw

I started out my day today scooping coleslaw. I have to tell you that an extraordinary amount of time in my life is spent thinking about or discussing coleslaw, which is really such an unexpected turn of events from how 12-year-old Jamie thought her life might turn out.

One day I will tell you how I found myself in these cabbage-y circumstances, but I really should leave some things to mystery for a while or you might not stick around. Suffice to say: there is coleslaw in my life, and a lot of it.

The thing about coleslaw is that it isn’t too bad when you get a cute little scoop of it on the side of your plate at your favorite BBQ joint. When that little scoop morphs into hundreds of pounds however, it becomes just plain gross. The smell of it, the sight of it. Gross.

But as we like to say around here, the coleslaw must be scooped. I have found there is something incredibly zen about scooping coleslaw. Once you get past the smell and the slime and the particular ache in your arm from the scooping action (I like to think of it as coleslaw elbow—like tennis elbow but much less sexy), you reach a higher state of being.

Okay, maybe not a higher state of being. That’s a little much. But the itch of the hair net does fade away and suddenly you find that the problem solving, creative side of your brain is activated in a way it just isn’t when you are fussing at your kids/listening to NPR/staring at your profit and loss statements and wondering where it all went wrong. (Hint: all the places that don’t involve coleslaw, that’s where.)

Today I only scooped about fifty pounds and yet by the time I was done, I had:

—composed most of this blog post in my head
—thought of ten or so more reasons not to keep blogging
—seriously contemplated the idea of writing a memoir (shouldn’t be that hard or take too long)
—decided on a new merchandise display I wanted to do for the store
—considered whether or not I should convert the store into a children’s bookstore (one that sold coleslaw of course)

Another potential business idea here is to charge people for the joy of scooping coleslaw. Like a meditative retreat of sorts, but with more cabbage. It works for u-pick farms, why not u-scoop cabbage?

Just a thought.




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