For Geography Through Art:

combines Sharon Jeffus’ artistic vision with author Jamie Aramini’s writing talents. While retaining the “heart” of Teaching Geography Through Art, the revision features a snazzier, easier-to-use layout, crisper type and graphics, and many additional extras. —Rainbow Resource Center

Since there are several projects per country, your family has the flexibility to spend a little or a lot of time on a country. The projects are interesting, and with the detailed instructions, everyone can have success. —

I consider it an entire geography curriculum if you throw in some library books, extend some of the map lessons, and take advantage of the Countries of the World fact sheet. It definately is a whole art program and even involves some great history facts. I highly recommend Geography Through Art.
—Carrie Fernandez of Heart at Home Curriculum

This remarkable work is friendly to whatever your children’s learning style or your homeschool philosophy. —Eclectic Homeschool Online

For Eat Your Way Around the World:

You will really enjoy the recipes and country info included on each page. I got a copy a couple of weeks ago, and I love it!
—Garna Donahue, Director, Cumberland Christian Home Educators

What fun! This new book from Geography Matters is just the thing for adding spice to your world studies! (Pun intended.) —Jean Hall, Eclectic Homeschool Online

I’ve always liked the idea of sharing an international meal at the end of a study in geography. Whether it’s with just your family or with a house full of friends, the children can present their geography research in word, song, artwork, or costume. Eat Your Way Around the World will help you with the food. The recipes are arranged by continent and represent the most popular dishes for each country. My favorites are tasty Italian minestrone soup and Indian chicken curry. But I’ve also served French onion soup, New Zealand kiwis, and English cucumber sandwiches and scones. Among the recipes are insights into dining etiquette. In France bread is served on the tablecloth and usually not buttered. Food facts are also sprinkled throughout. After instructions on how to grow a South American pineapple, you can read that this fruit was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and became a symbol of hospitality. Cut and staple together the book’s authentic-looking passport and each child will have a place to collect the seals from the different countries studied. —Karen Andreola,

This book could easily be adapted to any study of world history or geography! This is the easiest way to homeschool – after all, you have to eat! Why not make eating an educational experience???—

I’d been looking for a book with international recipes that I could do at home for a long time and this turned out to be the perfect book! I look forward to continuing to use the book. Thank you for writing such an easy book with such exotic recipes! —Laurel, homeschooler from Birmingham, Alabama

Preparing theme meals with my daughter has been a blessing to me, it gives us a chance to cook together and talk about the various cultures and foods. Mostly I stand in the kitchen and talk, assuming the role of her assistant and helping her out when needed. The variety of cooking has increased her kitchen confidence and abilities, besides awakening her taste buds to new foods. —Declared Unto Him Blog

We’ve used this cookbook in combination with our world studies as a kick off or grand finale to any particular place study and so far we’ve enjoyed everything we’ve tried—its a winner! —Life Ventures Blog

A big thumbs up review from this family for Eat Your Way Around the World…..or maybe that should be forks up? —The Curriculum Choice


For The Adventures of Munford:

Children reading these delightful chapter books will enjoy the story and learn a bit about a period in history. The stories frame historical periods in a way children can understand and make the lesson remarkable and unforgettable. —Eclectic Homeschool Online

When can we expect another Munford book? My daughter has read all of them and is looking forward to another.—S.W.

The Adventures of Munford series is a set of historical fiction books which view history through the eyes of a water molecule named Munford. Yes, a water molecule. This makes perfect sense since water cycles in various forms and is present in every time period. Why didn’t I think of this? What a clever way to transport readers back in time. Munford brings children along on his travels, teaching geography, history, science and more. —Maureen @ The Homeschool Village

When we received the set of books in the mail, McKenna walked off with the books and started reading them right away. She is currently reading the third book in the series and really enjoying them! We know she is absorbing the info, because we constantly hear about Munford during the day.—Homeschool Creations Blog

My boys and I just finished reading The Adventures of Munford: Munford Meets Lewis and Clark. We thought it was wonderful. I was especially impressed that my 5 year old twins could sit through the chapters and even remember the details.—K.R.

My daughters and I just finished reading Munford Meets Lewis and Clark. I was wondering if this is the only book in the series or if there were others written. My youngest daughter would really like to read what ever other Munford books have been written. —L.S.

I found the books to move along at a pace that will keep the kids’ interest, while providing great historical detail in a very readable format. You can’t ask for much more of a historical fiction book. Words or concepts that may not be understood by readers are explained in a meaningful way within the text. —Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

This series makes history and science come alive, all seen through Munford, a drop of water who can transform, naturally! —The Pragmatic Mom

For Munford Meets Robert Fulton:

Written at a 3rd – 5th grade reading level, it was a quick and easy read. I think it would work perfectly for a read-aloud for my 1st grader. In fact, I think it will go-along great with our row of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. It will be a great way to introduce the concept of steam power and it will be a wonderful review of the countries we have studied! —Delightful Learning Blog

I will say that from the beginning, my 8 year old has LOVED this book. She took it with her on vacation and to her friend’s house so that they could read parts of it together. She loves anything with great imagination and she was enthralled with the idea that Munford can travel all over the world and all through time as a water drop. —Jenilee @ Our Goodwin Journey Blog

One of many things that I liked about the book – as a homeschool mother – is that that each chapter has the potential to springboard into many conversations.  Possibly even unit studies.  In addition to geography, there is history, science, and plenty of little tidbits of interesting information that are sure to leave an impression. —Our Village Is A Little Different Blog

We began using it as a read-aloud, and found it enjoyable. It was easy to read (it’s written at an elementary reading level) with short chapters, so I could fit a little in here and there for school breaks. Then I just let my children finish the book. While very simple for the older children to read, it had enough detailed and new information in it for them. They commented several times how well-written it was, and how naturally the learning was woven in to the story. The younger children were just completely captivated by the adventures of the cute little water droplet. —The Cardamoms Pod Blog

Praise for Jamie’s blog (which is currently on hiatus):

I just wanted to encourage you that you are making a difference in people’s lives. Your blog matters to people and you matter to people. Your recommendation [of the book] Animal, Vegetable, Miracle changed my life. I’m not trying to sound cliche or trite. It’s just the truth. I read that book and it changed the way I looked at food and what I was feeding my children. —W.D.

Jamie, you are just hilarious… as one of your faithful followers I say, your blog is the gift itself… —R.B.

I love your blog. And to show your amazing versatility and draw, my son loves your blog. —P.S.

I am really enjoying getting to know you through your blogs… you are delightful! —T.H.

You are a doll! I’m quickly becoming a fan of your blog! —J.S.

I have to tell you… time and life has made you a much better/interesting writer. I enjoy the posts where you are most personal.. I laughed with you, cried, and found myself getting angry (specifically at men… haha!) Keep it up lady! —J.B.